About Us - VerbatimIT* - long read.

VerbatimIT serves those needing the best tried, true, and proven transcription services.

Product and Service Descriptions

VerbatimIT produces and delivers audio transcription and video closed captioning products and services.

When Closed-Captions [CC] videos are delivered to viewers of various language groups and accessibilities, your content is more relevant, meaningful, and valuable to search engines and those searching. 

Process/Work Description

Step 1: Produce a true and accurate transcript. This may be all a customer needs.

Step 2: For Closed-Captioning [CC] the transcript is used as a source to selectively place spoken words in their respective scenes in the video. The resulting product, a timed-text, is combined with the respective video.

Business Strengths

IF you remember "You've got mail"? VerbatimIT was there then helping journalists, authors, publishers, scientists, video and film makers and anyone with a voice, VerbatimIT also serves to bridge foreign language and cultural barriers. IF you don't remember that, it's cool. You might think bots do what VerbatimIT does. OKey-Dokey.

Audio Quality Assumptions

Professional audio quality ["room tone" equalization standard or equivalent] is assumed. If poor audio is encountered, you will be informed, and then by mutual agreement the rate may be adjusted. Some audio support can be given at little or no cost.

Digital Audio Remediation 

VerbatimIT provides "audio benchwork" or "forensic audio services and bills separately from transcription services.

Accents and Technical Jargon  - VerbatimIT accomodates at no charge ESL, EFL,m EAL, ESOL and ELL -- others charge $$$.


Language is a human creation with eons of evolutionary advantage over any technology. When a video is doing its best work for viewers and makers alike, the audio and video work in tandem, and the message is best delivered.

Great! You made it to the end.  Let's do some great work now. 

*VerbatimIT and "us" is me, myself and I, Alan Kelly. We get a lot done.